Vaping Deals You Must be Sure of

VapCap M is a butane model to heat the dried in the chamber requires the use of an external heat source in the form of an incandescent light. It is really miniature almost exactly the size of a regular cigarette. Grasshopper is a full convection model hot air heating, which looks like a pen. So in practice, although puffing on a steel pen may look a bit strange, Grasshopper is incomparably more discreet it does not require heating with an incandescent light, which in public places may look at least suspicious. From the discretion side, Grasshopper fares better. For the vapes this is important.

VapCap M Vaporizer vs. Grasshopper Vaporizer: ease of use


Grasshopper heating up is instant it takes 5 seconds. Just activate the heater with the button and you can start to puff. This equipment also does not require any special puffing technique quite long breaths of any strength are sufficient.

On the other hand, the Grasshopper mouthpiece heats up quite strongly, which after a few puffs must be allowed to cool before we can continue inhalation, which is moderately comfortable. VapCap M, in turn, should be heated with an incandescent light, which takes depending on the lighter from 5 to 15 seconds and requires some skill and dexterity to do it correctly.

In addition, when puffing, the user must use the clutch stop and unplug the hole in the housing, which also requires some practice. From the side of ease of use, Grasshopper is definitely better.

VapCap M Vaporizer vs Grasshopper Vaporizer: battery or power

As mentioned earlier, VapCap M requires an external heat source and has no battery. It’s a colossal convenience we will never be surprised by a flat battery, we don’t have to remember about charging, nor will we experience the need to replace a used battery after a certain period of use.

The only thing we need is an efficient incandescent lighter and possibly a can of butane to top it up. It gives you great freedom. The Grasshopper, in turn, is powered by a replaceable 750 mAh battery that lasts for 3-4 inhalations, which is not very long. In practice, it is good to stock up on a set of spare batteries. Charging takes place using a magnetic USB charger and takes about 60 minutes. From the power supply side, VapCap M definitely wins.

Which model is better?

From the technical side, Grasshopper is a better vaporizer than VapCap M it gives better quality steam and is incomparably more convenient to use. It’s also more discreet. The performance of both models is comparable. The VapCap M, in turn, is better on the power side, it is certainly also a more durable vaporizer. However, the two devices share a price gap that makes the VapCap M a better value for money. So if money is of secondary importance we recommend choosing Grasshopper.

However, if the budget is important to us, and we still want to buy a great on-demand vaporizer VapCap M may be a better choice. Many users, especially those with many years of experience in using medical marijuana, are looking for vaporizers to provide the strongest available vapor.

Although the vast majority of portable vaporizers are able to provide strong impressions, we have prepared for you a list of models that are characterized by exceptional steam power and therefore their operation is stronger than in the case of other models.

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