combat archery

Truest Values for the combat archery

If the posture is right, then your joints will align precisely, the muscle tension will be well balanced, your pulling will be according to your size, your mind will be rested and will not be affected by distractions, your body will be full of vitality, you and the bow will be a unit and the bow will be filled with strength and life. This way you will have to stay so that all these elements are realized so that the release of the arrow happens by itself automatically. You can have the combat archery options there.

An arrow shot in this way will never miss the target. She will miss it because you, for example, are thinking too much. It is not like an arrow shot with luck, but like a shot according to the rules never misses the target.

It is important to eliminate any doubt, even our little Self, and be one with nature, not to think and delimit, but to transcend thought and the will to want the desire, and as something that is reflected in a mirror or the moon that is reflected in a lake, soothe the internal vision and immerse yourself in the world of without intention, without thoughts and then direct the arrow according to the norms.

combat archery

Trainers summarize practically everything about the art of releasing the arrow.

  • Releasing the arrow practically starts with the posture, it starts the moment we place our fingers on the rope. So the position of my fingers on the string is essential. Each variation will change the arrow’s trajectory.
  • The second important element is the pull and opening of my chest and the alignment of my back.
  • Then comes the anchoring.

So far nothing is new but never tire of repeating this because they are easily overlooked steps. The right posture of your body will determine the position of your head which in turn will determine the right anchorage. And it is the anchorage that will determine your shot.

Phase: Aim

After we have pulled the rope and anchored the hand under the chin, the final aiming phase begins. In the pull, you align the aim of the bow with the center of the target, but it is in the final pull that you hit the aim. At this stage, you keep the aim in the center of the target with my left arm for right-handed, left-handed, the reverse and with my direct hand you hit the string at the tip of the nose and the shadow of the string at a fixed point in the arc.

Aiming techniques:

  1. You can start by aiming just below the center of the target and when the anchor is right, start raising the bow slowly and the moment you pass through the center let go of the rope.
  2. You can start by aiming above the target and go down the crosshairs until you pass through the center of the target.
  3. You can circle the center, move the arc in tiny circles and the moment you pass through the center of the target, release the rope.
  4. You can do an eight lying down. In this way you will always aim at the center of the target, sometimes going up, sometimes going down.

So you have three references: the nose, the chin and the shadow of the string on the bow or aim these three references will determine whether the arrow will hit the target as the aim has been adjusted.

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