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The truth behind the Allegations

Scooter Braun and Peter Comisar are a heated topic nowadays, because of the allegations they both are facing. Especially on Peter Comisar before this also he faced an allegation like this, but this time the allegation is something bigger and many have been alleged for fraud.

Braun and Comisar both first were working as mediocre employees in the entertainment industry, but as time passed both secured a good position there. Braun is the manager of Justin Bieber and Comisar was vice president of the company.

When the complete complaint was done from the side of  Braun then he said that in 2016 they decided to expand their empire and do something big. Also, in the context of this Braun said that when SCOPE was started then Comisar demanded $5 million and his salary and he was given the salary.

When the complaint came forward, Comisar said that he joined the company and came to the board because of the personal investment of Braun and said that he has benefited the company in many ways. He said that he helped the company to raise at least $500 – $700 million in benefits. While Braun said that he was using him for his own benefit and for his company.

Peter Comisar

With Braun’s allegations Comisar didn’t shut and replied that in 2018, he stopped funding many parts of the company which used to play an important role in the company along with this funding he also stopped giving Comisar’s salary.

However, this scooter said again that Comisar has always been a disaster and working with him was never a good experience, as well as in business they have to face many things. Also, his performance in the field of the investors was very poor and disgusting and he provides zero security to the investors.

Like this, there were many things that tell about the nature of Comisar and his way of working with the business. Apart from this Comisar is also alleged for taking his salary forcedly for one and half months which was about $5 million. Scooter said that in the same way, he has a history of more such frauds.

Both of them were plotting completely different sides of the story, Braun was blaming Comisar for $250 million. Their story is controversial and hard to believe and evaluate who is saying right and wrong. Unfortunately now, due to the petition filed by Braun, the secret business of the Comisar is now disclosed, this case is a high-profile case as it includes famous personalities.

When Braun came up with his complaint then in the defence Comisar started to say many things to save himself and turn all his blames on Braun. In this case, one thing was highlighted more which was the business of Comisar which was not open to the public, and maybe he was using those funds for his company. Braun said that he forcibly took his salary of more than one and half months.

Along with these things, Comisar did more such things which affected the SCOPE whereas Comisar alleged Braun for various other reasons in return for his allegations. The public is waiting for the court order to know the truth.

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