جدول مباريات يورو 2020

What are the restrictions kept in front of football and cricket audience?

Around the world, in every country, the corona pandemic results from the most critical situation. People cannot able to survive free in outer areas, they are forced to wear a mask while their outer presence by every country government. And people are not allowed to be united in public places. Due to these kinds of rules and regulations most of the businessmen, players, and other sorts of companies are facing loss. This could be the reason behind live matches

After the cancelation of UEFA in 2020 right now they have been re-altered the match schedule. In that way, tournaments have been announced by the conduction date of June 11, still, in most of the countries like INDIA and other countries, the covid-19 pandemic is increasing day by day. Moreover, those people who are living in India fail to follow the safety precautions which are brought under their country’s government. And by the impact of this pandemic, some of the cricket players have been affected by corona disease so the matches are also postponed to upcoming days.

How UEFA overcome these kinds of issues?

To avoid these kinds of issues UEFA has decided to change the match date and to postpone it to next year. in the new schedule, the matches are going to be held under six different stages for example it is separated by the column of group A to Group F. as well as group A holds two matches between turkey and Italy secondly wales and Switzerland. Every match is planned to be conducted by June. After completing those qualification rounds both the winning teams will be playing on the date of eleventh July month. By the sixty years of travel 2021 is the first year to hold under eleven hosts for UEFA. Not every match is conducted under a single football ground each match will be occurring in different grounds and countries.

What is the format of the game?

UEFA has announced that they will be having the format as the year of 2016. As usual, viewers will not be allowed to participate during the match. The second day of the match is declared between Finland and Russia and on the second day, there will be two matches on the same day. Another one is between Denmark and Belgium. The first match on the second day Finland vs Russia will be conducting in the Krestovsky stadium. After the completion of the first match, the second tournament will be starting at the time of 18:00 in Parken stadium. In case the spread of covid-19 increases conductors will be suspending the upcoming matches until they recovering.

جدول مباريات يورو 2020

By the start of the third day, the match is declared between Russia and Denmark. The second match is declared between Finland and Belgium. Both the cricket and football stadium owners will be worrying about the income due to the pandemic, anyhow if they permit viewers to watch the match inside the stadium only fifty percent of less occupancy will be allowed. In India, cricket stadiums are left empty and only the players are allowed to play.

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