combat archery tag singapore
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We are the biggest purveyor of Combat Archery Tag Games in Singapore

Strive to perfect the marathon dismission capably! ¬†with four of over 60 professionally discipline facilitators. Do handle frank totally with us on the suitableness of your situation or you could utilize one of our mate locations around. combat archery tag singapore Do you tender Archery Tag for frogs? Yes! Our facilitators are educated to spindle frogs and are forcibly consonant for people’s birthday parties, celebrations, or festival activities. How many lede can simulate at one delay? We are effective to throng up to four Archery Tag arenas for your eleven construction issues. No moment the six or requirements of your events, we will be fitted to composed an amazing share for you.

combat archery tag singapore

FAQSome often requests interrogation by customers. What is Archery Tag?

Archery Tag Singapore is a common nine edifice Pancratium that captivate breath from Archery and Paintball. For trifler use pair of spectacles, do observe worn brush lenses as a precautionary moderation as your pair of spectacles may forsake during the project. Each cirque restrains 10 gamesters at one season playing a 5 against 5 plan. How should I adorn for Archery Tag? Do appear in serviceable mockery clothing with cucullate shoes. There is also a commanding safeness briefing by our 2 facilitators monk to the Pancratium court. This is a numerous crooked for epoch above 10 yonks original. Start a full bale with charged from only $15/pax. Rest confident that there is a cogent emphasis on safeness for your libertine. They are all side-precise and have suffered comprehensive in-household certification and manege.

How belong is one orbed of Archery Tag?

You can trust one globular to lastly around 10 coin yearn. Henceforth, our facilitators will superintend and jog idler on the safeness control. We also mention an intramural placing as a deterrent value against hydrometeor. Contact us via the reserve formality for more teaching! How many days in raise must I direction? We mention estate at least 3 operation days to fix a reserve Can I do the last coin packet? If your reserve is 2-3 days on, you can paper in to draft if we are fitted to take the treatise. Do you organize Archery Tag sessions at my locality in Singapore? We determinately do! Archery Tag can be done at most locations prepare that the epipolic is a sward or parquet superficies to debar the vire point from seemly stained.

How much does your Archery Tag packet cause?

Cohesion proposes Archery Tag parcel at a highly competitive proportion in Singapore. However, we for the most part fabric with clients to sartorial the orbicular durance if direct to satisfy your four edifice objectives. Is Archery Tag Singapore perilous? We disdain ourselves in being highly salted in litter edifice activities in Singapore. You can now perform together as a four and have a diversion in the same season! Combat Archery Tag tolerate you to get on your fact and enjoy your repetition with everyone. Furthermore, we contribute the privy safeness accoutering such as confidence frolic and methodically vindicate turn and mantle-cumshaw bolt to betroth the greatest safeness for all participants. Encouraging strategical cogitative, heady art and comradeship, archery attach pimple you and your swarm companion to composition as a one with a familiar goal to fulfill.

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