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Tricks To Use Contacts For Contact Users

All the contacts users might not have proper knowledge of the usage of the contact lenses. Even though using contact lenses is more safe, comfortable and used with ease there are issues to be faced at the same time. Contacts must be used carefully or else the wearer has to face severe problems. People new to contact lens including regular and colored contacts namely red contacts will have several questions to get answers.

Contact lenses inside out: It is natural for the newbies to get the quotation whether the lenses are inside out. The solution is simple and easy as the lens needs to be placed on the finger to form the shape of a cup. It is easy to identify the correct shape as the lens appears in the U shape. The lens which is inside out will appear in U shape with top edges flared out. Some brands provide their name at the edge of the lens to make the wearer know the right position of the contacts. The wearer must read the laser marking. There is no need to worry when the lens is placed inside out as the contacts will not create any damage. The wearer will only feel discomfort by wearing the lenses inside out.

Basic norms:  The first thing the wearer has to follow before using the contact lens is, they have to wash the hands with soap. Oily soaps and scent soaps must not be used. These may adhere to the surface of the lens. Soaps containing moisturizing lotions must not be used. Eye doctors advise applying the lens on the sane eye In order to avoid misplacements for the right to left eye.

The contacts must not be damaged. Shake the compartment containing the lenses which are in storage space solutions to loosen it.  The lens may be stuck in the case. It is better to not pull the lens to avoid damage. In the first place take the lens from the case to your palm. The lens must be rinsed with apt contact lenses solution. The wearer gradually has to use the thumb of other hand and fingers of the same hand holding the lens. The lens must be positioned on the eyes. This is done by looking forward or upward whichever is feasible for the wearer. The user has to make sure that the lens settled properly by closing the eyes and moving in a full circle and then have to blink. Make sure that the lens is its correct place by looking in the mirror. When the lens is at the center of the eye there will be no discomfort for the user and the vision will be clearer.

red contacts

Contact lenses Removal: The wearer has to wash the hands before you remove the contact lenses. While removing the lens in the sink make sure to place a paper towel to wrap the drain to prevent the lens to fall in the sink. The users have to make sure that the wearer has to maintain the case cleanly.

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