Power to Choose Alternative

Time and energy are the short terms

The peoples has lots of problem and tension in his whole  life and they have lot of stress and tension so they are don’t take care for his health and body condition in the world and the world health organization says most of the peoples are affect by a disease called stress and tension level up in her work tension and her energy level has been low in all over the world and they could say no people can use health in her hands only they how to care her body and health condition in his body development in the world and the peoples  has not given important in his body health condition and development in this world and they people are very excited and work to earn many more money  in her family situation and technology in his hand our health in on our hands only not all doctors hand and god hand it is only in the peoples hand only but the peoples are very irresponsible in her health and body caring in the world all of the peoples are the same thing very most important thing in the world is every one’s health and body condition our body  and health condition will be good at all the others thing we will do in our life very easily but the peoples are they no energy Power to Choose Alternative level has very low and sometimes very decreasing in their body  .time and the energy is the short term in the world and the most thing in the city also so we first cares our health condition in all times in all of them life it’s the living thing .

Power to Choose Alternative


  • In the world the most important thing is to do work are some other things in the world is energy is the must one the world and technology of the management in all the days in your life. I have no energy in your body you can’t do anything and any work in the world, because energy is our body’s total wealth and condition management in all of the country energy, makes the man very healthy and most powerful in all of the time in the world it helps to do anything in the and any hard work and job in any time it’s very useful to doing working in our city environmental issue but in nowadays most of the peoples are have no energy to live in the war porn world they have no energy to survive in this world and another thing to come body diocese is our not working time and most of the peoples are don’t work in his house so that and all many of the health and body problems are come in his body to easily the peoples are affected in this city and nation to the world. and another one is to affect our health is unhealthy foods and fast foods in the modern world the most of the peoples are eating in this fast food items like noodles and many of the fast foods are available in all of the hotel and shops also so the peoples are easy to buy these fast foods.

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