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The Smart Options for the difc wills and probate registry

It is very important that you write the names of the heirs correctly. Missing a letter in a surname can create inheritance problems. The best way to ensure this is to go to the Civil Registry to make the necessary checks. For the difc wills and probate registry this is important.

Find a notary of your complete trust

Making a will is a very personal and private act. If the notary closest to your home does not give you confidence, look for another one. If you prefer that your provisions are absolutely secret, make an online will. We can offer you that service. If you prefer to be able to consult your doubts and questions with a person you can visit or call by phone, our advice is to look for someone who inspires confidence from the first moment. It will be someone whom you are able to understand effortlessly and who is in no rush to serve the next customer.

Choose a good testamentary executor

difc wills and probate registry

The testamentary executor is the person who will see to it that your last will is carried out according to your wishes. It must be a person of your absolute confidence. It is a very common figure if there are companies in the inheritance or the patrimony is very large. But it is not so much if it is a smaller inheritance.

Experts want to make things as easy as possible for you when testing. So we encourage you to continue reading our blog. This way you will know the different requirements to make a will in the Spanish territory. In this way, your heritage will have the destination that you want to give it and you will not have to worry about irregularities.

This is any coffee conversation inspired by real events.

Making a will is a process that many people go through only when they have children or because of in case something happens. Others are leaving and never finish taking the step. There are even those who do not even think about it because they do not consider that they have imported goods. And, however, in the event of death, not having done so entails extra paperwork for descendants such as going to declare before a notary that they are the legitimate heirs and, in the case of collateral relatives such as a nephew, if the deceased person does not have children, go to the judge.

How is a will made?

There is a false belief – very widespread that making a will has a very high cost or is difficult. Nothing is further from reality. Let’s see what it consists of in 4 simple steps:

To make a will, it is only necessary to go with the DNI to the nearest notary to leave our will in writing.

The notary will write it in writing, clearly reflecting the place, the date and the time in which it was granted.

From these data, it is granted, without the presence of witnesses being required, except in certain cases when the testator is blind, if he does not know or cannot sign, or cannot read the will himself, etc.

The will is revocable, that is, it can be changed as many times as desired at any time.

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