abstract art examples

The Perfection in the Best Choice of Artworks

Beware of fake good deals. If a work does not find a buyer at an auction or after several exhibitions, the market will consider it as “burned”. This means that you will find it at a greatly reduced price and it will be essential to keep it for a long time before you can sell it. However, even in the latter case, it may be difficult to profit because most collectors have access to the sales history of the work. You will have many abstract art examples now.

Calculate record and compare the possible losses and benefits for investment so that you can better understand the volatility of certain works, but also their profitability over the long term. This is a point that may be difficult to put into practice. For this, we will gladly help a platform for quoting the art market online.

It seems obvious to recall this principle: buy down, sell up with all the restraint that is required. The emergence of local markets or national artistic movements can also be good opportunities to seize. It should be emphasized that the optimal constitution of a collection, in this case, requires a very good understanding of the mechanisms of the smaller markets, to better manage the financial and operational risks.

abstract art examples

Finally, there remains the question of primary markets, namely new works by young artists. It is a slippery slope, and the adventure is risky: a large part of these new artists do not, unfortunately, penetrate enough in the field to attract and keep the attention of investors.

Adhering to these tips is not a guarantee of success but will help you better understand some dimensions of a flourishing market. It is important to emphasise the artistic aspect of the works and the engaged work of the artists because it would be unacceptable to see only a financial potential.

By investing in art, you also benefit from an advantageous tax system, especially about the IFI. Finally, there is the cultural value of investing in the artwork. So, not only are you delighted to own such a work, but you also enjoy its many benefits.

Investing in art can be complex and requires sharp knowledge not to waste your money. But be aware that if the artwork does not appeal to you or you do not like it, you can look to other types of investments and investments like wine, gold and real estate. If you are a novice, it is best to entrust your project to a wealth manager to advise you and determine the type of investment that suits your goals and your wealth.

Showcase your works

That’s it: you bought and received your work at home. Congratulations. You will now have to hang it: fun exercise, but that answers a few rules. In the case of a photograph and a work on paper engravings, drawings, prints, lithographs, etc., you will first have to frame the work to enhance it but also to protect it. This can be a very simple and inexpensive operation, if you opt for a standard frame, or on the contrary a real aesthetic approach in itself if you use a craftsman framer custom.

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