laser tag singapore team building

The Perfect Solutions with the laser tag singapore team building

At present, laser tag is a team game in which great importance is given to imitating military strategy. Go for the laser tag singapore team building there now. Today, this game is widespread in the world, along with paintball and airsoft, but, in our opinion, have a number of advantages:

  • Technically advanced equipment,
  • Lack of pain during, before and after the game, and in general, the absence of any harm to both the players and their beloved,
  • The ability to play games at long distances (200-300m),
  • Lack of special ammunition (masks, protective equipment, etc.),
  • The exclusion of possible fraud and unfair behavior in the game (“Did not hit”, “does not count”, etc.),

All people can play, regardless of gender, age, skin color and religion, body structure and physical. Laser tag can be played both in open and closed rooms, in parks, coastal areas, offices, warehouses, etc.

The Beginning

laser tag singapore team building

Today, few people remember that initially, the laser tag was not so much entertainment as a training ground for training US Army soldiers. At the end of the 70s, the system looked as follows. The military underwent combat training in a situation as close as possible to the tactics of a real battle. Recruits were armed with realistic weapons equipped with laser emitters, as well as special sensors that capture radiation. This laser tag system has become the main type of training for NATO troops.

Since 1977, the laser tag soldier training system has been used for team games, thereby realizing the idea of ​​George Carter, who suggested using it for commercial purposes.  The modern laser tag game has been actively developing since then, but the equipment has retained its appearance, properties and applications, thereby making it more interesting, exciting and realistic.

You must have high spirits and a desire to have fun

Game organizers reserve the right to distribute equipment between players. This is done so that everyone can have the opportunity to play with different modifications of weapons when players do not want to change equipment.

Professionals strongly do not recommend taking alcohol or drugs immediately before the game. This can cause physical injuries or emotional “disasters” during the game. Respect your players. Do not forget that we are going to have fun and carefree time.

Strictly follow the instructions of the organizers of the game.

In case of emergency, you need to go to the organizer and state the situation. Strictly observe the safety precautions set forth during the briefing.

Many people compare the laser tag with a paintball, but it’s not at all, Laser tag is a new type of outdoor activity that captures and is completely safe. Both women and children can play laser tag. The essence of the game is that you must hit the enemy with a special infrared ray. The player is defeated by registering the infrared ray of the enemy machine with special receivers fixed to the clothes of another player. As soon as a hit occurs, you instantly feel this due to the small vibration of the receiver, as well as the light indication. All defeats and victories are recorded and recorded by an electronic device, which will then easily help determine the winning team.

You can play laser tag at any time and in any locality forest, park, and specially equipped playgrounds. Laser tag game is ideal for a corporate party, birthday, or just outdoor activities with friends in nature. Laser tag is, first of all, a revolution in technological terms, the most perfect realism of actions, events and the most, most extreme sensations of a real battle.

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