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Rugs and the Main Choices You Can Make Now

The large and small Persian rugs produced in the city are characterized by regular patterns, with repeating patterns of colours. Often the designs have a floral theme, with complex details, meticulously cared for. A Persian rug is the result of very demanding handicraft work. A fast weaver can make a thousand knots in an hour. As a result, it takes about eighteen months to complete the designs of medium-sized thick cheap rugs .

Large and small modern rugs for the living room and bedroom

The modern rugs are suitable objects to complement the decor of a room in a minimalist style, industrial, inspired by the essential forms of contemporary design. There is a wide choice of different colours, warm and cold, bright or pastel, with different textures and more or less elaborate patterns.

The large modern rugs are perfect in combination with a three or four-seater sofa, white or neutral in colour. If the rug is framed by a corner sofa, the colourful geometric designs or naturalistic fantasies are a good choice and are enhanced to the fullest.

Modern long and short haired rugs

There are modern long-haired rugs and modern short-haired rugs. The distinction is given by the length of the fabric fibres that completely cover the rug. In modern pile rugs, each fibre is longer than one and a half centimetres, measuring from the attachment to the support material to the outer end. Modern short-haired rugs, on the other hand, have strands of shorter length.

When choosing modern rugs for the living room or the bedroom most suited to your home, consider that long-haired model are softer, softer and warmer, but at the same time they require more effort to be kept clean at all times in order.

thick cheap rugs

The bold choice for your living room

For those who want to make bold choices for the living room, modern round rugs can be a good choice. An element of discontinuity is inserted into the room, a closed and curvilinear shape that contrasts with the broken lines of traditional furniture. Attention is naturally captured by the modern round rugs, beautiful in bright colours that give liveliness to white furniture or in light neutral colours.

It is these rugs that are often included in contemporary furnishings because they integrate perfectly in style with sober and clean lines like the minimal one, but at the same time, they can be used in classic contexts to create original contrasts, always in fashion. The rugs of Nepal and Tibet are very widespread and appreciated for their marvellous beauty. They are made with soft and precious wool through a work done completely by hand.

On the contrary, the living room rug on a light floor can be dark only if the room is particularly bright. If the natural lighting of the living room is limited, even in the case of parquet or a light shade of marble, a light rug should be preferred. These are the options that you will have to choose from in the best way.

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