sandal booties

Perfect Choices for the best Sandal Booties

When you have to prepare your shoes, be aware that on D-day some kind of setback, which you did not count on, may occur, so be prepared for any eventuality. You can choose the sandal booties also as per your requirement.

Select material type according to dress model

When it comes to wedding shoes, trends reinvent themselves, season after season. Today, all brides are trying to surprise their guests with this add-on, because although it seems that they do not see each other, it is of great importance. All women focus on shoes and for this reason you should be aware of all types that exist to know how to choose the perfect one.

The color: More and more women are choosing color shoes to add a special touch to their look, as they meet all styles, from the most romantic to the boho to the most vintage.

Peeptoes: With a good high heel and platform, this model gives an irreverent shine, while proving highly comfortable. There are a multitude of designs and very different colors, and among the most used materials is satin.

Boots: An option that breaks what has imposed itself over the years. You can find the most varied, lace, feathers, fur and even pearls – a real trend for next season. They are, in fact, perfect for a modern and very casual look.

Wedge Heels: Specially designed for prom and after party, as they are very comfortable and ideal shoes if your wedding is celebrated in summer. You are guaranteed to endure your high heels until the end of the party.

The most commonly used materials for bridal shoes are leather, satin, crepe, velvet and lace, as well as those that exhibit a shiny metallic effect.

Know the type of high heels

High: From 12 cm, high heels are the perfect choice, especially if you are short and want to enhance your figure. Also, if you are one of those women who can handle this kind of leap daily and is already used to them, you can’t even let them go on your big wedding day.

Medium: Medium heels are the most common, presented 8 to 12 cm in height. It is also the measure most chosen by today’s brides, as they result in comfortable and ideal alternatives for special occasions. A medium heel is perfect, without the same height as your fiancĂ© and doesn’t want to look much taller.

Low: Between 5 and 8 cm, low heel is best suited for all those women who want to wear just one pair of shoes on their wedding day and want to give it all or simply because they feel so much more comfortable.

sandal booties

Flats: Flats are conquering more territory and more hearts from today’s brides. There are a thousand shapes, manners and colors with the most varied details that will make her a sophisticated, elegant and feminine bride.

Cunha: Brides who are seeking comfort above all else or who want to change their shoes at a certain moment of the celebration have also been imposing themselves on the shoe scene.

In fact, there is a wide range of shoes and the bride has at her fingertips the most varied models that will surely match her personality and style.

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