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How to get growing Instagram followers?

Instagram quickly modified itself from its initial impression of fun generating tool to a content marketing and brand marketing platform. Being one of the most popular social networking sites, it has a broad active user base. When compared to other social platforms, many brands have got more engagement rate through Instagram.

By orders of magnitude, a digital platform can be deemed as magical from a marketing point of view. To make use of this platform to the fullest, it’s essential to seek attention from a considerable number of users. To accomplish this difficult task, few tips and changes have to be incorporated into your strategy. To get more instagram followers , try increasing your visibility, and engaging has to be perfect enough. The captions, hashtags, and your profile are intended to make the journey of the user pretty interesting.

Role of Hashtag:

At relevant events, ads, receipts try promoting the hashtag dedicated to you. Making it visible in your profile must be kind enough to work it out online. List it on all your other social media platforms, websites, etc. People are supposed to be directed to your hashtag through offline resources too. The comprehensive offline and online campaigns are to target customers.

Perfect hashtags:

Make sure that the hashtags are generating interest and curiosity and prefer using more than one word. A shared hashtag should be giving apt info and is supposed to draw visitors. Try attaching relevant hashtags for each of your posts. Widely popular conversations are never to be missed. Make your presence by using trending and popular hashtags.

The right hashtags would include keywords helping in finding the right people, and adding the trending tags would make you land up with more people in general.

Using bio:

Allow people to dive into your latest accessible content by utilizing bio. The link in your bio is supposed to direct the traffic to your latest content. So it is essential to change it frequently.


Be descriptive when coming to captions. It ought to generate interest and should be pretty engaging. Storytelling is an important step and inculcates this into your routine strategy. With due course of time, you would notice the change, and it is going to work wonders in grabbing the users.

instagram followers

Approving photo tags:

Change your settings and make sure that those photos which you have recommended are on your profile. Have your control on tagged photos which appear on your profile to avoid embarrassing situations.

Removing unwanted clutter:

You are provided with an option of removing the tagged photos appearing on your profile that are not needed.

Generating engagement:

Like any other social media platforms, it is also a conversation where you wish to communicate something to your users through posts. Be clear about what you are targeting and how you have planned to generate engagement. This is going to get people to share the content virally.

Interaction with influencers:

Try interacting with top influencers in your space. Get a notification whenever they post anything new. Interact with them frequently to become their favorite people or brand. They can influence all their users, and this may increase your profile traffic.

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