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Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot are Extremely Smart and Cool Devices

When you think of Voice Assistant you would remind of two brands one Google Home and the other one is Amazon Alexa. Both the devices are similar and have only small differences. It helps you to toggle the lights and to know the current affairs. It is not only about daily events but also lets you know all the things which you question. All the works which you give for the device would be implemented by the smart devices. There are some restrictions on the device and before purchasing it you should know how to handle it. This article is all about to describe the characteristics of both smart devices which are known as a voice assistant. Ben Fisher Magic Co is a branded company for these devices.

Routines of Devices:

Ben Fisher Magic Co

In the new version of Amazon Alexa, a new factor is added that is to add groups in the device. I would make you understand by giving an example, that is, you don’t need to command the daily works like, turn on the fan, switch off the lights. Once you create a group of orders then it would do it without fail. If you have done this one time then it would become a daily routine for the device. You do not want to command often. It would lessen your work by its smart job. Even in Amazon, it has its routine. It runs multiple tasks by commanding in one phrase. These factors make both the devices to see not just as voice assistants but more than that as it works very smartly.

Google helps to correct the routine by typing. Yes through a voice command there is a possibility that Google would change its routine when a new command is passed but Amazon does not work like Google as it has some restrictions and also it cannot accept the changes in its routine. For both the devices you can control with the application that you can download from the play store. You should update it without fail and can operate and control the device with the application. Almost you can do everything with that as you would take that all the time.

Sonos Speaker:

With the help of the Google Assistant, you can able to connect with Netflix and Youtube to play the songs you wish for. With your mobile, you can switch off it also. This is called as cast support. Music can be supported by anything in these devices. But Amazon links with Fire TV to play the audio and video but it does not support the broadcast music. The one thing which can be connected to both Google Home and Amazon Alexa is that Sonos. You can connect the Sonos speaker with your Google device and Echo Dot. When you play with this speaker the song would come from the Sonos speaker as it is connected.

The one thing you should do to connect this Sonos speaker is that you should use the applications of both the devices to make it default. Only then you can able to access these things. This enables people to enjoy the effects of listening to music which makes the home feel like a theatre.

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