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Finer Opportunities in Conveyancing: The Right Steps

The ability to precisely determine the optimal offer price is only available to people who work on a given market every day. Active intermediaries with at least several years of experience do it even intuitively.

my conveyancing specialist

It is worth asking for support from an experienced broker working in the area where our property is located. Adopting a proper real estate sales strategy will not only enable much faster sales but will also allow a higher price of up to several percents, which will fully compensate for the need to pay commissions. A simple search by the term my conveyancing specialist can make the whole process come up useful here.

Submission of real estate to many agencies

A frequent mistake of sellers of real estate is establishing cooperation with several or even several dozen agents. It is the result of the conviction that the more real estate offices will be involved in sales, the greater the chance for a quick transaction. Unfortunately, the effect is usually exactly the opposite.


In case of cooperation with many real estate offices, the biggest problem is the so-called inflation of offers, i.e., the appearance of offers for the sale of the same property many times in the same media, e.g. in advertising portals. Often such duplicated advertisements differ in the offer price of real estate among others due to different amounts of remuneration of individual brokers, which are added to the price. The resulting discrepancies cause a decrease in the credibility of the offer and the seller and thus lower probability of interest in the potential buyer’s offer.


The best solution is to establish cooperation with one reputable office on an exclusive basis. Conclusion of a contract with an exclusivity clause entails additional obligations for the intermediary. The choice of broker does not differ from the choice of a doctor, lawyer, photographer, or hairdresser. We often use the services of these professions on an exclusive basis, and we do not think about why this is so.

Searching is worth starting with the query of family members and friends if they do not know someone worth recommending, who has successfully and efficiently conducted a transaction in their environment. We can also support the internet and look for information and opinions on internet forums, check websites, and only after initial verification makes an appointment with selected intermediaries.

When choosing a real estate office, you should not only suggest the amount of the commission but above all, you should check what the office and broker can offer and whether they have the appropriate tools and procedures for the proper offering of real estate. It is also worth checking how much the broker’s experience is and whether he is successful in selling similar properties. Of course, not all agents and agents are long-term employees of this industry. Beginners should, however, work in a group of more experienced colleagues, e.g., in a large office or network of offices.

It is also worth knowing that an exclusive contract does not close the seller’s path to clients of other real estate agencies. Exclusive offers go to the offer exchange system, which allows intermediaries to submit offers to other offices. An additional benefit is a representation of the parties’ interests by various intermediaries.

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