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The incredible popularity of social networks, forums and blogs has made them the main platforms for exchanging views on any issues, including on the purchase of certain goods and services. Opinion on the forum is perceived as advisory, independent, and I want to listen to this opinion. Millions of people have accounts in social networks, which are used, including to obtain information about goods, services, etc. a visit to Social Media Website makes things perfect now.

Social Media Website

The Ideas of the Social Network

The term “social network” long before the advent of the Internet and, in fact, modern social networks was introduced in 1954 by James Barnes, a sociologist at the Manchester School. A modern understanding of this term in a simplified form means a circle of acquaintances of a person where there is a person himself – the center of a social network, his acquaintances – branches of this social network and the relationship between these people – connections. If you look at the social network more deeply, you can find that the connections are divided by type: one-way and two-way, networks of friends, colleagues, classmates, classmates, etc. In the second half of the XX century.

The right Concept

This concept began to be actively used in the West in studies of social relations and human relations, and the term in English has become commonly used. At the end of the century, the professional term of sociologists turned into a fashionable concept, which is one of the central ones in Web 2.0, which Tim O’Reilly first introduced as a concept on September 30, 2005 in his article “Tim O’Reilly – What Is Web 2.0” 1 .

The Progress

October 2, 1971 – the day of the first message sent to the remote computer by the first users of the social network: the military on the ARPA Net network – can be considered the starting step towards the creation of the Internet and modern social Internet networks. The next step was the invention of IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ), a real-time communication service system that was created in 1988 by a Finnish student, Brightly Ojkarinen. These were already improved social networks, but still far from modern ones. On August 7, 1991, the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee first published the first Internet pages, thereby bringing nearer the advent of a new era – the era of social networks.

Modern Network

1995 was marked by the advent of the first, close to modern, social network, , created by Randy Conrad, owner of Classmates Online , Inc. This site helped registered visitors find and maintain relationships with friends, classmates, classmates, and other acquaintances. Now more than 40 million people are registered in this network, mainly from the USA and Canada. The Classmates concept has been successful, and since 2005 it has been developing, becoming the forerunner of such world giants as MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and Linkedln.

From the Experts

Some experts conditionally divide the evolution of social networks into three stages: the first is social networks of the mid-1990s, pioneers with the simplest functionality; the second is the creation of social networks with wider functionality for basic interaction (from 2000 to the present day), and the last third stage is social networks that solve specific problems: finding employees (business networks), games ( gaming networks), information search (content networks), etc. According to this theory, we are now gradually moving from the second stage to the third.

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