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Choose real estate agency As Per Your Choices

You own an apartment or a house and you decided to sell to buy a new house? You are right. With a new home, not only will you own an energy-efficient home, but you will also make an excellent investment.

Whatever the reasons that lead you to sell your property, the choice of a real estate agent will quickly impose itself. Indeed, resorting to an agency will allow you:

  • To entrust the steps for the sale of your property to a third party
  • To sell your property faster
  • To sell your property at the best price

Rest, of course, to choose the right agency. This blog gives you the tips to choose your real estate agency Shreveport-Bossier LA realtor .

Choose a real estate agency near your home

Whether your home is located in the town or in the countryside, be sure to select the priority real estate agencies close to it. Indeed, even in the city, each neighborhood has its own specificities: amenities, attractiveness, the price per m2, etc. Choosing an agency located nearby will ensure you have a partner who will know the full potential of your property and therefore, will be likely to enhance it. It will also better advise you to set the price of your property.

Shreveport-Bossier LA realtor

Independent agency vs network of real estate agencies

An essential choice to make, and not as obvious as it sounds. Certainly, entrust your property to an agency network can be a real plus for the success of your project:

The network is often national, even regional

So you increase your chances of finding a buyer since it will be seen by a greater number of people

National or regional networks usually have teams of well-trained negotiators, including sales techniques: you will put the odds on your side.

But it is also possible that near your home, there is an independent agency really very competent, who knows the specificities of the market of your town, and enjoying a particularly effective network to sell your property. Admit it would be a shame not to benefit from its services.

Learn about the reputation of agencies in your industry before making your choice. Do not forget that it is at home that finalizes all real estate transactions. He is therefore very familiar with the branch network in your sector.

Simple mandate or exclusive mandate?

You have chosen your real estate agency? For which mandate will you opt? The mandate is the document by which you entrust the sale of your property to a real estate agency. There are two types:

The simple mandate

This mandate allows you to entrust your property to several real estate agencies. It is generally set up for a period of 3 months renewable by tacit agreement and has a 15-day notice in the event of termination. You also have the opportunity in this context to sell your property directly, without having to pay any consideration to your agency.

The exclusive mandate

With an exclusive mandate, you entrust your property to only one real estate agency. It is also valid for a period of 3 months renewable by tacit agreement, and irrevocable during the first 3 months. In addition, if you sell your property without going through the agency, you will have to pay a commission to it. The advantage of this mandate? The agency is assured of receiving a commission in case of sale of the property, it has a real interest to realize the sale quickly. It is a guarantee to sell your property more easily.

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