Online Amazing Race Singapore

An Online Amazing Race-the solace of their home office.

Our Online Amazing Race is the ideal technique to relate telecommuters to an authentic, fun, kick off something new arrangement.

The Setup

Following 3 months of telecommuting, we comprehended that a web Online Amazing Race Singapore experience would be a splendid thought. As of now, we ran limited expansion city-wide designs utilizing our Go Game application. Notwithstanding, we expected to impel ourselves to assemble something that could be played from the solace of a home office. Our customer referred to a giant get-together style experience that should have been playable throughout a multi-day period. This affiliation expected to show its extras, very nearly 380 individuals, how they were completely related inside a more prominent picture.

The Build

What makes an amazing race satisfying? We expected to take the center sections of the experience and in one way or another make an interpretation of them to an online stage. Unmistakably, we expected to clear out the running, the globetrotting, and the veritable parts. So what were we left with: difficulties and riddles. We stripped the experience down a couple of key parts.

We required our players to all follow a tantamount course. Fortunately, this is handily done by the thing we use. So we derived that players would change back and forth between visiting air terminal districts and travel fights. By finishing problems and inconveniences at these stops we felt sure that every player would draw in with adequate changed substance to stay certifiable and secures.


Riddles were utilized to chart travel fights. These were fundamental visual puzzlers that would reveal the name of their next objective. This answer is the code word used to proceed with the course through the experience. See under for explicit models.


Coming about to taking care of an inquiry at an air terminal or take-off point players are guided through the development of difficulties stirred by acclaimed travel objections. These were orchestrated not exclusively to have players complete innovative difficulties. These were inventive and physical and expected to get players out of their seats and thinking and reacting quickly.


Road deterrent difficulties were required to help our customer’s forward-looking brand. We orchestrated the development of brand-centered self-assertive data and inventive inconveniences to have their players draw in with the attributes and objections of the veritable brand. These injury up making the most responsive and silly substance. A piece of our baffling method is to make an encounter that mirrors the attributes and vision of the affiliations we work for. Considering a committed assembling of affiliation modelers we can make a thing that looks entirely worked by the relationship for its representatives and embellishments.


In keeping exactly as expected we in like way included redirection challenges. Right, when you have a web Amazing Race there are some base notions that you should meet. Our redirections were changed to arbitrarily show up for players in transit. These would join more totally innovative difficulties like copying a striking renaissance imaginative work, or creation photograph inconveniences. Players could pick whether to pull in with the redirections.

Online Amazing Race Singapore

Making Collaboration

We additionally attempted ourselves by making an encounter that connected individuals from social affairs. As every player was playing by implication we expected them to coordinate. We assisted every player with joining an online visit by techniques for Zoom or Meet. Doing this would guarantee the ideal extent of accomplishment for every player.

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