All in One Printer Copier Scanner - HP

A brief about ICT products and how to deal with a printer?

It is very easy to pick any brands at any time. But selecting the perfect one is always being trouble for many people. Some consult experts, some with friends, and remaining end up with picking it by their choice. Sometimes this works for few not all the time. So we have to understand or know about all the things related to it. Especially in printers, we have to keep something in mind while buying. Many brands and many companies are selling printers. It gives us high or good quality

  • Documents
  • Photos

We can buy either colorless or color printer it is completely according to our wish or budget. But buying All in One Printer Copier Scanner – HP  is the best compared to other types of printers that are available in the market. Let us discuss the printer and how to do the update.

Printer and its details:

Printers are divided into two types they are impact and non – impact printers. These two types are subdivided into many types they are

All in One Printer Copier Scanner - HP

1 impact printers – they are of two types.

  • Dot-matrix printers
  • Line printers

2 non – impact printers

  • Laser printers
  • Inkjet printers
  • Thermal printers
  • Plotters printers
  • Photo printers
  • Etc

They can be set up by wireless and wire type, it will be mentioned while buying. While buying customers have to indicate this to the seller.

Some of the types of wireless printers are

  • Printer sharing set-up
  • Wireless router set-up
  • Wireless printing server
  • Builtin wireless printing set-up

If you have faced any problem faced after installing while printing that can be easily resolved by us with a little knowledge about its work. In the well-branded printers like HP, they have good benefits like

  • Durability
  • Toughness
  • Pictures in high quality
  • Consumption of less ink
  • Etc

In HP they produce many kinds and their quality is high and long usage. Some of the types of printers we can choose from HP are

  • Laserjet HP series
  • Color laserjet HP series
  • Photosmart HP series
  • All in one HP series
  • Multifunction HP series
  • Etc

Some of the basic error codes that often occurs from these printers are

  • Error code -02

It occurs due to the warm-up problem of the printers. While this occurs the operator should check the input cable or output cable.

  • Error code -11

This occurs while the printer runs out of paper. So it is very simple and everyone knows what to do, just fill up the papers on the tray that is allotted for the paper.

  • Error code -14

While the cartridge that holds the ink for printing is empty then this error will occur on the printer. Then the ink should fill it.

  • Error code -22

While the setting of the printer is done wrongly then this error will display. So when you make the setting to print be careful about the set methods.

These are some of the basic things about the printer.

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