Why Gun Belts Are Important

When you are carrying a firearm let it be concealed or open carry you need to have the right gun belt for it. On Joom you will find gun belts that securely hold your gun onto the belts.

Most of people think that just a good holster is enough to carry your gun properly but that’s not the case as you need to have a good quality belt as well. Every gun belt has a different design and you should take your carrying style into consideration while purchasing it.


Benefits of Gun Belts

  • No Sagging – Gun belts have extra layers of fabric that prevent it from sagging due to the weight of your firearm. These belts have multiple layers of stiff materials that provide the necessary support needed.
  • Quality – Gun belts are made of high-quality materials which prevents scratches and tears on them. You will have to buy a new belt frequently if you carry your weapon on a regular belt as they aren’t made for it.
  • Good Fit – The holster and gun belt will have the same thickness which will prevent the holster from shifting on your belt.
  • Rigidity – Gun belts are rigid which prevents them from stretching, bending or breaking down.

Do you really need a gun belt?

A gun belt is an essential part of your everyday carry. Without it, your weapon may not be properly stabilized and it could be uncomfortable for you. Without a gun belt, your pants will have to support the entire weight of your weapon. This may lead to your pants sagging.

Not being able to draw your gun quickly when you need to could be really risky for you. Most of the gun belts are not expensive and are usually long-lasting.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that their regular belt will be able to handle the weight of their weapon, which is not the case. Being uncomfortable while carrying your weapon should be the least of your problems. You should be able to quickly draw your weapon whenever the time comes for it. And this will only be possible if you are wearing a good gun belt.

Carrying your weapon with regular belts could make your own pants sag which could put you in risk as it will most likely disclose your weapon status to someone who is looking for it. Also if the gun is not properly fit on the belt then it could allow it to move around the belt which could not be good when the time comes to draw it. You will most likely not find it at the spot you put it at and will have to take your eyes off your target.

Finding the right belt size that fits you properly is also very important. The comfort of carrying your weapon on a properly fitted gun belt is something completely different. No more worries of constantly having to pull your pants up. Most of the people focus too much on the firearm and completely ignore the gears required to carry it. Not only will a good gun belt support and secure the weapon but keep it in the right position for you.

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