escape game singapore
Self Improvement

What’s in store at Xcape Singapore

Test your criminologist and basic speculation limits at one of the first and greatest escape game singapore . The 60 or 75-minute gathering will investigate your flight capacities and you will in actuality have lots of fun with your friends endeavoring to find and see all the clues, collect them and make it out of the room before the look at runs. Pick between a collection of circumstances and workplaces depending upon your social occasion size and interest: find an exit from a morgue, disentangle the mystery of an old internment chamber, fight zombies along these lines generously more.

escape game singapore

Online Escape Room Experience

The Fun Empire presents Singapore’s underlying, only Virtual Escape Room Experience! We bring our significantly notable Escape Room Experience on the web, where you can make some extraordinary memories and bond with your allies, family, and partners in the comfort and prosperity of your very own homes. Invigorate your associates who are working from home with this novel and fun experience. Individuals ought to collaborate in online gatherings to uncover insider realities and clarify puzzles. Significantly empowering and testing – Perfect for virtual gathering building, virtual date considerations, and virtual headquarters with buddies!

Focal Points And Learning Outcomes

Joint effort

Become acquainted with the essentialness of participation as individuals race with time as the adversary to uncover indicates and enlighten puzzles! Players need to work as a gathering and strategize on the most ideal approach to successfully move away from the storyline circumstance inside 1.5 hours. Associates ought to sort out work scopes for each individual reliant on different characteristics and weaknesses


Partners would need to examine effectively with one another to execute their game framework. Different players will have different pieces of a conundrum, and individuals ought to investigate as a gathering to alarming troubles and conditions during continuous association.


Acknowledge the open way to get comfortable with your accomplices’ characteristics and inadequacies while helping each other vanquish challenges we would state. This fabricates significant securities among individuals as they collaborate to achieve a common objective.

Takeoff Room Singapore Provider


We can hold Escape Room and Amazing Race experiences for up to 50 pax at the same time. Besides, we give the ONE AND ONLY Virtual Escape Room Experience in Singapore that can consider a similar number of people as you need!


Inside master gathering of capacities counsel that will help you with figuring out everything from game establishments to cooking, etc We will in like manner give you LIVE virtual assistance to coordinate your gathering for the Virtual Escape Room Experience!


Different invaluable scenes (near MRT stations) across Singapore. We are THE ONLY Escape Room Singapore Provider that can have your experience ONLINE! Bond with your allies, family, and accomplices at the comfort of your very own home.


First-class, private scene for your Escape Room meeting. Pick your very own time allocations and date at no additional charge! For Virtual Escape Room Experience, we will in like manner have your gathering at your supported plan!

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