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The Website Design that You Would Need

You don’t win big clients with just your resume. you get customers showing what you can do. That is, first of all, they want to see evidence that you know how to create and are good at what you do. Clients want to feel safe about the service they are hiring. Experts guarantee you should think the same when hiring a service. With the best website designs you can have a perfect support now.

How to make your portfolio impress?

best website designs

This is where experts tell you that it is totally possible to make a great portfolio, even for those starting out in the field right now. If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a top-class portfolio that is credible and ready to get clients and jobs.

The logo is the beginning

Your logo, your brand, your face. The logo is the starting point of a good presentation, after all, it will be on your homepage, which is the first page viewed. You need to be able to capture attention. The logo should represent your style and personality. If you are a brand designer, this is even more important. Make it clean and most readable, and also consider compatibility with the layout of the rest of the portfolio.

Show only the best

Every artist has the best and worst creations. Here it is important for you to show your best, what will most impress, and what best represents your work as a whole. It will be a high-level portfolio that will deliver a great customer experience.

Make it clear what your focus is

It’s important to put in jobs that you enjoy and want to work on don’t upload images of an eBooks you made if you no longer want to work creating eBooks. Keep in mind what kind of area you want to focus on and this will not leave the customer confused. To make it even clearer, make everyone’s life easier and write for what types of services you are available.

Sort by categories

For easier navigation, make it simple and separate your work into categories. Everything will be easier to find and much more organized.

Make your portfolio easy to navigate

Even though everyone should already know this, it is worth reinforcing. You can do great at what you do and have the best jobs in the world, but if your site is difficult to navigate and poorly organized, you will be sorry to know but the customer will be frustrated and give up before they even know how good you are.

Simplify the information, the menu, and the pages. It is best to show the key information on the homepage, because when someone enters your site you only have a few seconds to situate what is happening and show content that is a priority, such as how to contact you.

Easy and visible contact

The sense of having a portfolio is to prospect customers and how to get customers on your site? Being easy to find out how to contact you is simple.

Do not hide your email or phone number, put it on a contact page, or preferably already make this information clear on the homepage. Don’t make the customer waste his time looking for where to contact you.

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