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The Perfect Options from the International freight forwarder

The Consumer Center has now examined 50 major online stores to answer the question as to what options buyers have for delivery. The result is sobering from the point of view of the consumer center: Two-thirds of the shops always sent out the same service provider. Only every third shop in the sample alternatively used deliverers from competing companies for orders. But of these, only nine traders gave their customers the choice of who to deliver. With the International freight forwarder you can be the best option now.

The differences begin with the second delivery attempt

Thus, the customers have little choice when it comes to the parcel service. The Consumer Center refers to this as a generally weak service image, because the shipping is now part of many customers to order and can be crucial for purchasing. Especially in the case where the customer is not at home when delivering, the parcel services are fundamentally different whether a second delivery attempt is made, the package will be delivered in a post office or flower shop next door or in a packing station or a parcel shop is deposited.

The consumer center also collected around 2,800 complaints from customers. Again and again, customers express the desire to no longer be supplied by certain parcel services. All the more regrettable that not even every fifth shop in the sample opened up choice, comments the consumer center.

Find the best price for parcel shipping internationally

Especially for courier services, the difference between list prices and selling prices is large. If your requirement is less than 100 shipments per year, then it is often not worth negotiating the price yourself. There are many companies that are offering the best courier service to send a parcel without spending a huge amount.

You are suffering from time trouble? Compare the prices of our fast and slow transport solutions. You will see that for some routes and package sizes the price difference is very small, while others are 3-4 times more expensive. Here on the portal, you can easily compare prices and delivery times and gets a comprehensive overview.

Corresponding information is obtained as a sender in a parcel shop of the selected parcel service or via the parcel service of a forwarding agency. In addition to the information on non-free shipping, you can also inquire there about the different shipping options and can bring, inter alia, experience, which conditions are to be met.

You Choice Now

International freight forwarder

You can choose between different shipping options, which make a parcel shipping comparison necessary for numerous customers in order to be able to send parcel cheaply. Factors such as size, weight and destination address of the package play the most important role in determining the exact price, with the help of the shipping calculator.

A flexible complete solution for e-commerce logistics

In summary, a flexible, all-in-one solution for online retailers is the best way to save money, time, and nerves. In addition, through the smooth delivery of the packages also increased customer satisfaction can be determined. Anyone who wants to prepare for a stressful holiday season in time can test service at any time. On the whole, however, it is no longer a problem to send a package that is large, heavy or unusually shaped. Then only you will be able to find the best options for you now.

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