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Strengthen coordination and balance in Health

This works, for example, with balance exercises that seniors can also do at home. The one-leg stand is very classic that is, balancing on one leg, explains the personal trainer. Important here: Something to hold on to must be nearby to avoid a fall. The exercise becomes more difficult when the performer closes his eyes or turns his head. The ability to coordinate can also be trained with external disturbances such as pushing or light bumping. From evolv health you can have the best choices now.

evolv health

To stay fit for a long time, sports scientist advises: In old age, you shouldn’t pack yourself in cotton wool and make targeted efforts. So: Knowingly take the stairs or lift something heavy. The body needs such stimuli. And everyone should use the wonderful features of their bodies.

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Proper nutrition is not everything.

It is at most a necessary, but not a sufficient prerequisite for reaching a healthy old age. Munich doctor and Ayurveda expert Ulrich Bauhofer knows which other factors play a central role. In addition to nutrition, this includes exercise, regeneration, and detoxification and, in particular, stresses management and joie de vivre.

It is common knowledge that stress is not healthy and that a constantly stressful life certainly does not promote aging. A quarter to a third of the population feels burned out, and has an explanation for this predicament: When people were still hunters and gatherers, there were only two options when confronting a wild animal: fight or run away.

Daily stress reflex makes you sick

This is the classic stressful situation and the body shows the so-called fight-or-flight reaction. Stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and, in a second step, cortisol are released and energetic reserves are mobilized.

The prehistoric man did not come into such a stressful situation every day. In modern people, on the other hand, the stress reflex is triggered every day in many everyday situations for example when driving a car or working at an office desk.

Our lives are generally not at stake in these cases, so the energy reserves that are then mobilized cannot be spent by the body at all. This creates an accumulation of energy in the body. That makes you sick in the long run. So an originally sensible reflex has become a sick person. Correct handling of stress is important. It cannot be avoided, but everyone must ensure the necessary regeneration times. First of all, this means sleeping long enough.

Average sleep duration has decreased

Sleep is one of the most important regenerative processes in the human body emphasizes expert. It is frightening that the average length of sleep in this country has decreased dramatically in recent years. A good ten years ago, people slept an hour longer on average. There are certainly several reasons for this trend. The intensive use of electronic media and social networks is only one aspect. The upcoming switch to summertime next weekend means additional stress for many people.  The body and its internal clock take a few days to adjust to the new time.

So try to avoid extra stress especially this weekend, and be extra careful on your way to work on Monday morning after a time change, the statistics show, the number of traffic accidents increases.

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