virtual team building activities singapore

Some instruction about team building

Virtual team building activities follow the same concept—the only difference is that virtual get-togethers aren’t face-to-face. The good news is that remote teams don’t have to miss out on team building or opportunities to recreate the “water cooler” experience. Thanks to video conferencing solutions like RingCentral Video that bring together other communication channels like team messaging and phone calls, there are tons of creative ways to bond from anywhere and everywhere. Icebreaker games. Happy hours. Company outings escape rooms. The list goes on and on. The concept behind team building is simple, by letting employees hang out in a non-work setting, they can build trust and cooperation that translates to the workplace. As a bonus, team building serves as a chance for coworkers to unwind, decompress, and have, well, fun. virtual team building activities singapore and so on.

Random pair-ups

virtual team building activities singapore

Pair-ups are timed conversations between two randomly selected team members using a video conferencing tool. You can use something like this wheel of names to make sure the coworkers you pair up are truly random. Usually done in a 10 or 15-minute block, these pair-up conversations can be either off-the-cuff or based on pre-selected prompts. Note that the questions and prompts for your pair-ups don’t need to be complicated or particularly in-depth. Here are some sample icebreaker questions you can use for a pair-up:

Pair-ups are brilliant for not only introducing new team members but also allowing employees who haven’t worked together recently to catch up. Quick and easy to do with very little planning, this is arguably the easiest of our virtual team building activities to try.

 Virtual scavenger hunts

A bit more involved than pair-ups, a virtual scavenger hunt can be done company-wide or just among smaller teams. To start things off, share some photos of specific items with your team, say, through your team messaging app. These can be produced either in real-time or over the day. Some sample snapshots for your team to take during a scavenger hunt might include.


  • A home office selfie bonus points if you include your pet.
  • A sentimental item from your desk and the story behind it.
  • A shot of your coffee mug, lunch, or afternoon snack
  • You can also do scavenger hunts that require scouring the web for items.
  • A GIF from your favorite movie
  • A meme that describes your workweek so far
  • A photo from your last vacation

 fun chat channels

Piggybacking on the previous tip of having planned team building chats, many teams have dedicated “fun” channels in their chat platforms where everyone can share entertaining stuff like memes or talk about the latest news in basketball or football. The purpose of these channels is to simply let your employees have a place where they can talk about non-work things and recreate water cooler conversations virtually.

Virtual game sessions

A great way to wrap up a stressful workday or ease your coworkers into the weekend, getting together to play games virtually is easier than ever. For example, consider how you can use video conferencing software like RingCentral Video to run a trivia session or play a game of Werewolf.

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