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You will be surprised that Google Ads formerly Google Adwords is included in this list of online marketing trends for 2020. Yet we still think it is not so strange. Google Ads has of course been an established name in the field of online advertising for years. However, the name change in 2018 is not the only thing that has changed in the area of ​​Google Ads. The days that a Google Ads account consisted of purely simple CPC campaigns have long since passed. In 2020, machine learning and Comparison Shopping Services (CSS), among others, should not be forgotten. You need the best Marketing Company now and for that, you need the best deal now.

We start with machine learning: Google Ads is getting better at automatic bidding and targeting automatically. On top of that, automatic ad creation continues to make its appearance. Through machine learning, you get better and better opportunities to get the right ads to the right people at the right time.

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Comparison Shopping Services (CSS)

After Google received a mega fine for market dominance through its shopping function in 2018 from the EU, the Tech giant introduced the so-called Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) in 2018. But what is that then? CSS is a partner program for price comparators where the competition gets more room in the Google Shopping ad format.

There is, therefore, huge growth in the area of ​​CSS providers. There are now more than 60 providers within the EU. The reason the CSS format offers considerable financial benefits compared to regular bidding in the Google Shopping auction. We also expect the number of CSS providers to continue to rise in 2020. It is certainly something for entrepreneurs to respond to.

Influencer Marketing

They are influent, we are influencers, and they are influenced. The use of influencers is an emerging marketing channel that is being used by more and more companies. Influencer marketing should certainly not be missing in the marketing annual plan for 2020.

But what exactly is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where a person or group is deployed to influence the behavior of the target group. The influencers have many followers on social media; which they make frequent use of.

Of course, influencer marketing was also a widely used channel in 2018. The trend that we see, however, is that it does not stop with one-off influencer campaigns. Influencers are increasingly being used as a showcase for the long term. Influencers as brand ambassadors that are what the focus of many companies will be on in 2020.

WhatsApp marketing

In 2018 the moment was there: WhatsApp Business has been made more accessible for companies. For us a good reason to zoom in on the developments for 2020 in the field of WhatsApp marketing.

But what can you do with WhatsApp business?

A company profile: with the creation of a company profile your customers will see all information about your company, such as a short description, your e-mail address, address details and current opening times.

WhatsApp Business has handy messaging tools: after installing the WhatsApp business you will probably receive a lot of messages. To keep it organized, WhatsApp has built-in a number of messaging tools. Think of quick answers, automatic greetings and messages about absence. But there’s more to come in 2020.

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