watch movies online

How to watch movies online without paying anything?

Watching movies in the theater is fun, and enjoying the same film online without paying for the ticket is even more exciting. A lot of sites are available on the internet where you can binge-watch all the latest blockbusters from Hollywood, and Putlocker is probably the most popular out of all those movie sites. People from all over the world became crazy over Putlocker almost instantly when it was started in 2012 by a group of web developers and coders from the UK, and it is now one of the most preferred sites who want to watch movies online free.

watch movies online

Putlocker: best free movie website

Now, if you’re like me, you love free movies, and you hate pop-ups. I was a little dismayed earlier this week when I was trying to watch all these videos, and I was like “hey just give me the best free movie streaming sites on the web,” and then all started with the very first step we’re going do, which is, downloading a pop-up blocker. But nobody likes or wants some sites throwing a million different pop-ups at us, correct? Putlocker is a great movie streaming site without a shred of doubt, but it suffers from the same pop-up problem. So, it took me almost a week, and I have got this list of the best movie streaming websites that don’t actually show you those annoying pop-up ads. Sounds interesting? Let’s get started then.

So, we have got the list, and now let’s try them. There are other sites that are either broken or they throw a lot of popups at you, so I found a few sites that seemingly work well. They have lots of movies, and I’m going to say that this is a gray area – streaming is not illegal per se currently, and I think I read that somewhere. But regardless of that, what is nice about the web sites is you don’t have to install some app on your computer just to block some pop-up advertisements. With these web sites, you should be able to pull them up on pretty much any device and just have a nice movie night. So what I am going to do is tell you which sites I’m talking about, and let’s just go right into our list of No pop-up movie streaming sites.

The first one is going to be Here you can choose from thousands of movies easily. You can select titles alphabetically, as per release year, or the genre. The film starts playing nicely without any pop-up advertisement just as I said, so it’s a great thing. To make sure we are not caught by any radar, my VPN is connected even though the streaming is in a gray area. But any decent VPN service can be purchased for five bucks a month, so I’m going to use a reliable no-log VPN service anyway. The website has a premium subscription offer as well where you can pay to be a VIP member and can enjoy a lot of additional features, like unlimited access to all 1080p videos, zero ad experience, VIP search feature in movie index, downloadable content, priority VP support, and many more. I  myself tried their VIP membership for the last few weeks, and I am amazed by the quality of service. Of course, you can’t get Netflix type experience here, but that’s kind of obvious, right? So, it has its pros and cons, but considering all other options, this site would be my number one recommendation any day.

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