Foley editing

An art which is to feel and proceed

The Foley is an` art which is used to make a feel and the sense in a person. Sometimes they used to like particular music which is placed in the background and as well as in the songs. The Foley is said to be an uncanny valley. The uncanny valley is meant for the music cannot be demolished as well as burnished. It is the relationship that is hypothesized. It is the relationship between the degrees of resemblance object in the human being and as well as the relation between the object which addicts to a response which is emotional.  This article is about Foley editing .

Use of Foley

Field recording

The Foley is used for the purpose of replacing and as well as complementing the recorded sounds on the time which is used to set in the way it is called a field recording. The field recording is a term that is used to record audio or music. This is the type of recording in which it can be applied in the way of producing sounds by the human and as well as natural sounds. It applies with the help of vibrations or electromagnetic fields using the microscope in different ways in a passive manner.


In most of the films, a soundscape is used to combine the sounds which are recorded, the sound art is a specific art which is used to personalize and realize the feelings of someone is an art created by the person called Foley. The soundscape is an environment that is an acoustic as to be perceiving in humans. The soundscape is the particular o a specific term which is coined by the person, Michael Southworth and as well as this term gets popular by the person known as R. Murray Schafer.  Foley is an art that is real, the Foley is a process that is used to shot after the process of post-production.


Foley editing

For example, we can say about the film which conducts stunt sequences (fighting scenes) they usually do not contain the sounds in actual which impulses in the way of land blowing’s, crashes and as well as explosions which is used in the film. After the stage of post-production they used to add a sound or a piece of music according to and as well as adaptable to the sequence which is based on the film production for this purpose the Foley is the main thing which is used to add a sound or a track with adjusting or even an adding or in removing the music. This can be done with the help of a process of Foley. We used to get a perfect film when the perfect Foley is prepared and added to it. The depth of a film and its effects get more intellectual due to the process of Foley. In this process of Foley, the voice is also recorded for the film and gets added to the film in a matchable way. The process of recording can be done in many languages which are meant of dubbing and also the dialogue can be replaced with sound effects. So without the process of Foley, the film cannot be fulfilled.

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